the regency collection

The Regency Colletion combines a stunning ornate foil paper later with elegant satin ribbon and is finished with a sparkly crystal brooch. Foil available in gold or silver.


We have a wide range of ribbon shades to choose from to perfectly compliment your wedding theme. We can source close matches to most colour schemes.

We use the fonts which we feel work best with each individual design, but there are alternatives available if you wish to choose something different.

Whether you are wanting a something traditional and formal or something more modern and relaxed, there are various wording options available.

We offer various different styles of invitation to suit your requirements and the amount of information that you would like to include.


save the date

Plain Flat Card
(125m Sq. double layered)               £2.00
Embellished Flat Card
(125mm Sq. glitter layer)                   £2.50


Square Folded
(150mm)                                                   £4.25
Pocket Folded
inc. RSVP & Info Card (142mm)       £5.75
(150mm)                                                   £4.25

rsvp & info

with Addressed Envelope                     75p
Information Card
(Single Sided)                                             50p
Information Card
(Double Sided)                                          60p


Printed Names / Address
(on Guest Envelopes)                              10p
Presentation Box
(Plain)                                                        £2.50
Presentation Box
(with Ribbon)                                         £3.00

order of service

Plain Booklet
(A5)                                                             £3.00
Embellished Booklet

(A5)                                                             £4.50


Plain Booklet or Flat Card
(100mm x 210mm)                               £3.00
Embellished Booklet or Flat Card
(100mm x 210mm)                               £4.25


Embellished Table No./Name
(A5 Flat)                                                    £4.25

(90mm x 80mm tentfold)                      80p

(A7 tentfold, glitter layer)                  £1.50

seating plan

Standard Table Plan
(Canvas Mounted)                             £65.00
Framed Table Plan

(Silver Ornate Frame)                    £100.00